Track Records For Detail Engineering Design

Project Name
Scope of Work
Year Completed
DETAIL ENGINEERING General Service Contract for Installation Engineering for Pipeline and Structure Subsea IMR Installation Engineering for Subsea Pipeline & Offshore Structure Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore West Java 2014
FEED & DETAIL ENGINEERING Call Out Project Management and Engineering Services Project Management, Engineering Services and Construction Supervision
1. Detail Engineering Services for Installation Gas Compressor at Grati OPF BR-08
2. Detail Engineering Services for Installation Oyong Gas Lift Compressor BR-09
Santos Northwest Natuna B. V. 2014
DETAIL ENGINEERING LNG Plant Production & Export Terminal Sengkang, South Sulawesi (PT. South Sulawesi LNG) Detail Engineering Design for LNG Plant Production & Export Terminal Sengkang, South Sulawesi BOP (Balance of Plant) and Jetty PT. Slipform Indonesia Makasar 2014
DETAIL ENGINEERING LPG Extraction Plant (PT. Bumi Jambi Energy) Detail Engineering For LPG Extraction Plant PT. Multi Lintasan Mandiri 2014
DETAIL ENGINEERING EPCI For MRA – MMJ Pipeline Project 2012 – 2013 (PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java) Detail Design Engineering & Installation Engineering Offshore Pipeline 6″ MRA Platform to MMJ Platform PT. Hafar Daya Konstruksi 2013
DETAIL ENGINEERING EPC-3 Banyu Urip Project Offshore Pipeline & Mooring Tower
PT. Rekayasa Industri (Mobil Cepu Ltd.)
Subsea Pipeline Detail Installation Engineering PT. Hafar Daya Konstruksi 2013
DETAIL ENGINEERING 3RD Party Engineering Services For Structural Platform Banyu Urip Project (Mobil Cepu Ltd.) Civil / Structural Design Engineering Services
– Structural Frame Analysis
– Foundation and Piling Calculation
– Framing Plan Service Platforms
– Elevation Plan Service Platforms
PT. Tripatra Engineering & Constructors – Samsung Consortium 2013
DETAIL ENGINEERING Oyong FSO Terminal Rental, Operation and Maintenance Services
(Santos (Sampang) Pty, Ltd.)
Design and Engineering Including All Required Analysis, Calculation, Developing Specification, Procedures and Other Engineering Activities in order to execute effectively the conversion, installation and certification Cakra Bahana – Duta Marine 2013
DETAIL ENGINEERING Provision of Engineering Services for KH Reinstatement and MWB Repairs Design and Engineering for Temporary Reinstatement/repair or riser and associated item : – KH MWB securing system design (mooring and anchor/deadweight), analysis report, specification and drawing
– Securing system for KG kinked riser – Securing design (mooring and anchor/deadweight) for KF MWB
Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. 2013
DETAIL ENGINEERING Ujung Pangkah 6″ Gas Lift Pipeline EPCI Contract
HESS (Indonesia-Pangkah) Limited
– Detail Design Offshore Pipeline
– Installation & Transportation
PT. Hafar Daya Konstruksi 2012
DETAIL ENGINEERING Subsea Pipelines Installation Muara Karang Installation Engineering Pipelines 24″Ø – 15km From FSRU to ORF Muara Karang PT. Rekayasa Industri 2011
FEED & DETAIL ENGINEERING Blanket Engineering Services For Various Development Activities Blanket Engineering(*)
– Feed Design Oyong Floating
Production Unit
– OPF Grati Modification Basic Design
Santos (Sampang) Pty. Ltd. 2011
DETAIL ENGINEERING Jasa Survey & Konsultansi dan Fungsi Peralatan Heater di SP 10 Lapangan Talang Akar Pendopo, Sumatera Selatan Review Document P&ID, PFD, and Heater / Treater, Site Survey to Check Heater performance.
Provide Process Simulation Report and Chemical Injection Report.
KSO PT. Pertamina EP – PT. Santika Pendopo Energy 2011
DETAIL ENGINEERING Provision of KE-40 Platform Engineering Services For KE-40 Platform Removal
Lifting Analysis and Transportation Method
PT. Punj Lloyd Indonesia 2011
FEED Engineering Support Services – Anoa Phase 4 Cost Risking Analysis Reviewing cost estimation and WBS preparation by FEED Contractor. And to provide an independent assessment to the validity of the cost data, the task durations, any assumption made, the accuracy and/or reasonableness of the data used and the overall accuracy of the cost estimation
Review/redesign for deck extension of Anoa phase 4 platform for construction philosophy
Premier Oil Natuna Sea B. V. 2010
DETAIL ENGINEERING KLO Pipeline Installation Detail Engineering & Installation Engineering For
12″ Crude Pipeline Sepinggan to Tanjung Jumlai 25km
4″ Gas Lift Sepinggan Prod to Victor Platform Length 762 m
4″ Gas Lift Attaka Foxtrot to Oscar Platform Length 22km
PT. Dwi Satu Mustika Bumi 2010
DETAIL ENGINEERING PTT Platform Compression Facilities (PCF) Project Engineering Support for Structural design review and reanalysis of PTT Compression Platform Punj Lloyd Ltd. Thailand 2010
FEED,DETAIL ENGINEERING&PROJECT MANAGEMENT Provision of General Project Engineering Services Blanket Engineering
Study and Detail Engineering Offshore Platform Facilities, Modification of KF/KG/KRA/KH Platforms
Star Energy (Kakap) Ltd. 2009
FEED South Sumatra NGL Project
(FEED and EPC Tender Preparation)
Project Management Services Basic Engineering, technology selection, plant design capacity selection, and process simulation for cryogenic extraction facilities in Prabumulih Barat, fractionation plant at Sungai Gerong and NGL Pipeline from P. Barat to S. Gerong. This scope including EPCI execution phase tender documents preparation, technical assistance during bidding. PT. E1 – Pertagas 2008
DETAIL ENGINEERING Corridor Mercury Removal Project Detail engineering of Coridor Mercury Removal in Suban Station. This scope includes : Modification existing facilities, additional equipment for remove mercury, also Tie-In points work. Conoco Phillips Indonesia Inc. Ltd. 2008
DETAIL ENGINEERING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Provision of Call Out Engineering Support & Supervision Services Offshore production Platform Facilities Technical Engineering and Planning, Pipeline & Support, Offshore Production Facilities Consultancy Services Santos (Sampang) Pty Ltd. 2008
DETAIL ENGINEERING Construction of New Oil Terminal AT Pulau Laut, Kalimantan ( SHELL PROJECT ) Detail Engineering of Tank Farm New Oil Terminal at Pulau Laut, Kalimantan.
The Tank Capacity is 17650 M3 of Crude Oil and Design into 4 ( Four ) Tanks.
This Scope Includes Design of Civil Works Consict of Land Clearing, Cut & Fill and Levelling.
PT. Punj Lloyd Indonesia 2008
FEED PRE-FEED Studies For Ande Ande Lumut Study new Wellhead Platform for Ande-ande lumut. Scope includes : Facilities description write up, cost estimates and schedule, operations philosophy, facilities abandonment, HSE philosophy, WHP review, material selection study, floating production screening, power generation study, heating study, utility study, structural study, design basis, and preliminary flow assurance for the export pipeline. Genting Oil Natuna Pte. Ltd. 2008
DETAIL ENGINEERING Heera Redevelopment Project Detail engineering of Heera Redevelopment project for ONGC – India. Scope includes : Design of 4 new welhead platform, Modification to 7 existing platforms, 8 nos.rigid submarine pipeline, 3 nos. flexi submarine pipelines and subsea cable. This includes installation & hook up, service and pre service conditions of the facilities. PT. Sempec Indonesia, Punj Lloyd Limited / ONGC India 2007
DETAIL ENGINEERING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Seagood Refurbishment – Construction support / Engineering Services Enhancement, precommissioning, commmissioning and start up of FPSO Seagood 1. Labroy Shipbuilding 2007
DETAIL ENGINEERING Oyong Field Development – General Engineering Services Multidiscipline engineering services for Oyong Development. Santos (Sampang) Pty Ltd. 2006
FEED FEEDStudy – Relocation of Tuban Marine Terminal Detail engineering for marine system including: Submarine pipeline, PLEM, Flexi riser, SPM, FSO and tanker mooring study PCI – Pertamina 2005
FEED & DETAIL ENGINEERING Refurbishment of FPSO Seagood 1 FEED & Detail Engineering of the FPSO enhancement including: Jambonizing (extend FPSO by 20m), structural and naval archtecture studies, all facility engineering (including all facility on Phase 2 such as pipeline gas compressor) and construction support and supervision Labroy Shipbuilding 2005
DETAIL ENGINEERING Betara Complex Development – Modification to LPG Terminal LPG terminal was designed for mooring of 85000 T liquid gas. Modification need to be carried out to accommodate compressed gas tankers. The conceptual and detail engineering included mooring concept, mooring analysis, structural re analysis and enhancement to existing dolphines. Petro China 2005
DETAIL ENGINEERING Betara Complex Development Project Detail engineering of the offshore facilities including – 3 nos submarine pipelines, Process platform, FPSO mooring studies including model testing, all installation engineering and construction support. Sembcorp /Petro China 2003

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